Where To Go To Meet Single Tucson Girls And Other Single Women

Hot Tucson girls at a bar

Do you need pointers on how to meet girls in Tucson? You’re in the right place! With its overwhelmingly young and single population, Tucson offers incredible opportunities to meet women. The pretty vibrant nightlife scene and outdoor culture of the city make it pretty easy to find hot girls. From Washington Park to Riverwest and everything in between, there are plenty of great venues for you to get lucky. In fact, the local party/entertainment scene is broad enough, you’ll actually need some help finding exactly what works for you. We are here to save your precious time and help you find what you’re looking for!

Tucson’s cultural and entertainment offer is a reflection of its multiculturalism. Depending on your interests and age range, you might want to try out a few spots

In this article, we’ll explore the finest nightlife venues to pick up women, along with nice cafés and bars to take a girl out on a first date and – even better – some unexpected daytime places where you can chat up women organically without having to work too hard. Read on. 

Our Favorite Places to Meet Hot Tucson Girls 

Let’s start off this list with the top-notch options for meeting single girls in Tucson. These spots are where you want to go if you want to meet women!

Monsoon at 7350 S. Nogales Hwy is one of the first spots you should check out

A girl dancing at Monsoon Nightclub

The wide space features eclectic blue and black tiger print carpets and two bars at either ends of the nightclub. The upscale feel of the decor and the enticing atmosphere make Monsoon an extremely popular choice among tourists and local women alike, meaning you get a chance to expand your dating pool and discover people from outside your usual circle. Beside attracting large crowds, the club is also suitable for everyone’s taste as the Dj sets vary from mellow to upbeat and dancy.

Inside you’ll find big screens with captivating animations, as well as a lounge area where you can relax with your drink and have a conversation with a nice lady away from the sound system. 

Weekends are quite popular, but the occasional live gig is likely to attract girls any night of the week. The bars are pretty well stocked, so don’t be shy and offer to buy that cutie a drink!

Sky Bar at 536 N 4th Ave is not your usual bar

The mural at SkyBar

Fully embracing its sky theme, this spot features telescopes and even the odd astronomy lecture! Girls like it for its friendly chill vibe and originality. It offers both an outdoor and indoor area and plenty of excuses to get quite romantic. No matter where you choose to sit, the whole ambiance of the place is particularly favorable for conversations to happen.

Another plus, this bar is both a day and night destination. The menu changes accordingly and it is not uncommon to see groups of friends spending entire afternoons and nights there. This means a greater chance for you to mingle and meet interesting women! 

Even though weekends are the most crowded, the low-key ambiance of Sky Bar is pretty inviting to Tucsnonites all week long. It is quite a popular choice for bar regulars, so you might spot the same patrons on different days, making it even easier to chat them up. The place is also dog-friendly so you can bring your dog as your wingman!

Tucson Pick Up Bars & Nightclubs

As we said, Tucson offers a wide range of hidden and not-so-hidden spots to find single women. With an interesting blend of traditional, country music and alternative/hipster venues, you’ll surely find what works for you.

Our favorite clubs and pick up bars for hot single girls: 

Hot Tucson girls at Maverick

Here’s a rundown of the best bars and clubs where you can easily meet girls in Tucson.

  Where we haven’t had much luck with girls:

As you can see, there is a variety of places for you to explore. Depending on what you are into and what type of women you are hoping to connect with, just give some of our top picks a try!

What are you waiting for? Plan a fun night out with your buddies and try your luck with the ladies. Chances are you’ll find someone interesting in no time. 

Best places to pick up girls in Tucson during the daytime

The beauty of sunny states like Arizona is that you don’t have to be a night owl to enjoy all they have to offer. And Tucson indeed is blessed with plenty of day-\time venues that will make it easy for you to meet single girls. 

Coffee houses are becoming increasingly popular spots among single women. And there is no shortage of other daytime activities that are amazing opportunities for people to connect and have a chat with interesting strangers. Although you might not think of them as popular pick-up destinations, sometimes even grocery stores can work some magic! Here’s our list of spots where we have found lots of girls:

Coffee shops single girls love

Those that haven’t been great

Coffee culture is growing in Tucson. As you look around, you’ll see many single women relaxing by themselves or in groups of friends while sipping on a latte or iced tea. The unpretentious and homey vibe of modern coffee places makes it pretty easy to chit chat.

Our top picks tend to be particularly appealing to women thanks to their convenient location, comfortable couches, and quality menus. You’ll see lots of them spending entire afternoons just chilling and enjoying the good vibes.

Grocery stores that make meeting single women easy

Grocery stores are unexpectedly easy and fun places to try your luck with single ladies! While browsing the aisles or standing in line for checkout, there’ll be opportunities to crack a joke or offer your help. Besides, everyone needs to eat! No matter your type, you’ll definitely found someone interesting there.

The spots above are our favorite as they seem to attract lots of women for their convenient location and good quality products. You’ll find late afternoons and weekends are the busiest times as that’s when most women plan their shopping.

Other great options to pick up girls

  • Tucson Jazz Festival (Usually happening in March)

As we pointed out above, Tucson girls love their outdoors. Whether it is for exercise, biking or simply hanging out with friends, women will spend as much time as they can in nature. If that’s your scene too, you’ll likely find your type.

Tucson is also a popular festival city, so if you are in town during one of these events, meeting interesting singles should be even easier!

Where to find a hookup in Tucson

Maybe you are not looking for anything serious at the moment and you’d just like to have some fun tonight. Fear not, we have the right pick for you!

Club Congress is the easiest spot for no-strings-attached fun

The dancefloor of Club Congress

Club Congress is guaranteed to be packed virtually every night. It features endless Dj sets and the occasional big live act that is bound to bring in hoards of music lovers. Right in the middle of the Downtown area, this club is an old favorite for single girls. Congress is definitely the kind of high energy, vibrant place that gets people in the mood for some fun.

The place is open most nights and brings in lots of interesting folks. Of course, weekends are your nights if you are hoping to bring someone back home with you.

The Tucson Girls Dating Plan

Meet girls both in the daytime and at night when you go to our recommendations above. To make it easier to find your way around Tucson, we’ve added a map to help you out.