Where To Go To Meet Single Sacramento Girls And Other Single Women

Sacramento girls having coffee

Out and about to meet girls in Sacramento? Read on! Famous for its unmatched diversity, Sacramento offers a variety of ways to meet women. Whether you live in popular nightlife hubs like Lavender High and K Street Mall or just happen to hang around quieter neighborhoods, fear not! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to find your Sacramento girl!

Home to California State University, the city has a lot to offer to young single people. Regardless of the age range, Sacramento boasts a whopping 19% of single women – one of the highest in the country. Stick with our advice and you’ll meet plenty of single girls in Sacramento!

Below, we have put together a fool-proof list covering some of the finest nightlife spots to meet girls in the city. Not to mention great cafés and even unexpected daytime places in Sacramento where a casual conversation with a cute single girl may lead to something more! Try for yourself if you don’t believe us!

Our Favorite Places to Meet Hot Sacramento Girls

Meeting hot girls in our city is easy. But if you just want the top two spots where you can find them and talk to them, here are your best options:

Mango’s at 1930 K St is Sacramento’s upscale dance club

Hot girls at Mango's

It’s one of the city’s larger clubs offering a classy atmosphere that attracts lots of ladies. The venue features DJ sets and a pretty wide dancefloor where you can show off your best moves. If you are not much of a dancer, you can still take advantage of the table service. 

There are different packages to choose from, some of which include birthdays and bachelorette parties, so your chances of bumping into a hot girl are pretty high! Just bring a few friends along, loosen up, enjoy the music, and keep an eye out for a nice single lady.

The place is hyped up and loud, and the booze can be quite fancy. Particularly on the weekends, the venue attracts young folks willing to kick back, have a dance, and possibly get lucky. It also is reasonably priced for what it offers, so you’ll get a chance to woo a cutie without spending a fortune.

De Vere’s Pub is a great option if you’re not in the mood for clubbing tonight

A hot girl tasting whisky at De Vere's Pub

A genuine Irish pub, this spot is among the most well-known meeting points in the Midtown area. Perfect for meeting cute locals, you will spot many groups of girls sampling craft beer and having a blast. The cheerful and friendly vibe of Irish pubs offers you a great window to connect with the ladies, and the size of the place makes it great for large groups of friends. After all, the best thing you can see in a bar is a group of girls surveying the scene.

The music selection is usually pretty cool but not too loud, which works if you want to chat before making a pass or asking her out. The pub features a nice little terrace, which is great for warmer nights. The tables are placed quite close together, giving you plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation. Prices are also reasonable, so that’s a plus. 

In classic Irish pub fashion, weekends are quite busy and people are likely to be tipsy and loud. There’ll be lots of single girls looking for some fun, so keep your eyes peeled and be mindful of their body language.

Sacramento Pick Up Bars & Nightclubs

Drinks from The Firehouse Restaurant

Sacramento offers some great spots to go out, have fun with your friends and meet single girls. Neighborhoods like the Historic Third Ward or Story Hill, in particular, offer so many options. We had luck with quite a few of them!

Our favorite clubs and pick up bars for hot single girls: 

  Where we haven’t had much luck with girls:

Despite the small-town feel, Sacramento is actually considered among the best cities to meet girls in California, and one of the top 25 in the country. From comedy clubs to cocktail lounges and clubs, the nightlife offer is also pretty broad. No matter what you are into, you can easily find your scene, put yourself out there, and chat up interesting women. No excuses!

We found the spots mentioned above particularly lucky! Just grab your boys and plan the best night in one of our top-picks: your chances of meeting girls multiply if you are genuinely having fun with your friends. This will naturally make you more attractive and nice to be around.

Best Places to pick up girls in Sacramento during the day time

Are you less of a night owl and more of an early bird? Sunny Sacramento offers plenty of opportunities to meet girls during the day. What’s more, the low-pressure environment of day-time spots will offer you the possibility to approach women in a more subtle and relaxed way. Many Sacramento girls like to hang out in the sun so need to party hard if that’s not your scene!  

Whether you find yourself in a coffee house or a popular daytime venue, there is no shortage of excuses you can come up with to chat up a pretty girl. You might ask for her opinion or an item or hold the door for her and that could be all you need to start a conversation! Just be comfortable in your skin and approachable and see where it leads. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy that is. Below, we have made a list of day-time spots we found particularly lucky:

Coffee shops single girls love

Those that haven’t been great

Due to its long summers, Sacramento girls love a great cup of coffee or frozen yogurt. Especially on weekends, you can find lots of women out and about enjoying their drinks or desserts by themselves or with a group of friends. Just try out one of our suggestions and see for yourself. 

The city is blessed with long, warm Summers. If the weather allows, try sitting in one of the café terraces we suggested  – there’s something about being outdoors that makes it easy to start talking to strangers. 

Grocery stores that make meeting single women easy

Yes, you read it right! Grocery stores are unusually good places to strike up a conversation! Sacramento girls love to look after their health and often take their time sussing out the best selection of wholesome foods available. This means they are usually not rushed when shopping and won’t mind a chat.

The spots above are our top picks because of how popular they are among women. Weekend afternoons are some of the times you can find women shopping there. During the week, peak hour is usually in the evening as people grab something to make for dinner on their way home from work.

Other great options to pick up girls

Picnics are a favorite pastime in Sacramento! Over the holidays and during the weekends, open-air spots become filled with people getting together to play some guitar, share food and drinks, or simply relax. This might be your scene if you like flirting with girls in quieter, less energetic environments than a club.

Where to find a hookup in Sacramento 

Open to meeting girls in Sacramento but not after anything serious? Fear not! There are plenty of spots in town to find women that are also after some no-strings-attached fun!

London is a great spot to dance away and meet sexy girls

The sexy crowd at London

London is a pretty new place quickly becoming a Sacramento institution. It attracts an eclectic crowd looking to have fun in a sophisticated setting while dancing to some quality music. The venue features three different large dance rooms, each with its own DJ set. There’ll be lots of single girls dancing and having a great time so that will be your chance to try your luck.

This club is a particularly good choice as it doesn’t require you to lower your standards to get what you want. You can enjoy a fine night all the while looking for a nice lady down for consensual adult fun! Prices are not outrageous either, so you can get yourself and your girl a few drinks. 

District 30 is another fun spot with lots of single women

The evening crowd at District 30

District 30 is also a favorite weekend destination for single women of all ages. It is well-known for its affordable booze, cool Halloween parties, and modern design. Despite its average size, this club is a popular “girls night out” destination, meaning the odds are in your favor. 

Again, finding a hook-up in Sacramento doesn’t necessarily involve watered down drinks, tacky music, and shabby decor. District 30 is actually a pretty good spot to have fun with your friends and enjoy a nice environment. So it shouldn’t be hard to spot available girls on the dancefloor if you can pick up on the signals.

The Sacramento Girls Dating Plan

To make it a hundred times easier to plan your search for single girls in Sacramento, we’ve mapped out each recommendation. Now get out there and meet some girls!