Where (and How) to Meet Girls Easily and Naturally

Several single girls that want to meet men

Where are the best places to meet girls these days? A lot of guys either completely overthink this or don’t put ANY thought into it and ONLY try to meet girls in the typical bars and clubs. Both of these are a mistake!

If you want to get the success you’re looking for and actually get better and learning where and how to meet girls you need to spend time in the right places. Below we’ve put together a proven guide that can take your dating life to a new level.

Group of single girls you can meet at a dance class

Where to meet girls when you’re alone

When you’re flying solo meeting single girls can be both easier and harder. You’re not constrained by the friends you’re with but it can be a little more difficult to strike up a conversation, depending on the setting. You want to find a setting where people are naturally moving around, intermingling, and that there is always something to talk about.

These are a few of the best options for meeting women that we’ve found that work over and over for us:

#1) Group dance classes

Even if you’re not particularly light on your feet group dance classes are a fantastic way to naturally meet new girls. This is especially true for dances like salsa, tango, and swing where you’re up close and personal with your partner.

What really makes dance classes great is that it’s almost like speed dating. You’re paired up with new women every 5 or 10 minutes because you’re constantly switching partners. You learn a few steps, talk to your partner a bit, and then switch to a new partner. Once you’ve done this 5-6 times it becomes more of a free-for-all practice session.

Once the class breaks up it’s very easy to either keep talking to your current partner or continue the conversation with the women you danced with previously. As long as you’re enjoying yourself and not taking things too seriously it’s a great time even if you’re not a great dancer.

#2) Expert local guides

While most of the recommendations on our list here will work just about everywhere it always pays to have some local guidance. With that in mind, our team of dating experts has put together local guides for many major cities below. These are all cities we’ve spent a LOT of time in and have a good feel for the local spots worth checking out.

We will be expanding this list over time as we explore new cities and bring on new experts based there. For now, the places mentioned in these guides are some of the best specific recommendations to meet girls we have:

Fresno, CA
Milwaukee, WI
Sacramento, CA
San Diego, CA
Tucson, AZ

#3) Grocery stores

Every guy’s gotta eat and the same is true for single women. We’ve found that grocery stores, especially those that have a good selection of healthy options, are fantastic places to meet single women.

What we like about grocery stores is that not only do they attract a lot of women on a weekly basis, but they are also great places to naturally move around and strike up a conversation. It’s very easy to walk up to a girl and ask her a question about the food she’s looking at to start the conversation. Then, if things aren’t really clicking it’s also very easy to end the conversation and continue shopping.

Now, you don’t want to just be standing around the produce aisle every day like a psycho. Make this a regular part of your routine where you do your own shopping a couple of times a week, especially between 4 PM and 8 PM (Monday-Thursday) when things are busiest.


Giving back to your community is never a bad idea but it’s also a pretty solid way to bump into a lot of cute single girls. You need to be smart about the cause and project you volunteer for but it really does work.

We really like organizations and projects that put together big group projects. Things like Habitat For Humanity organize dozens of volunteers to help out altogether in order to build houses for those in need. This means that a lot of people are intermingling and working together for a common cause which is a great environment to meet new people.

Other organizations where it isn’t a big group project can also work but they’re a little more hit-or-miss. You’ll likely be working with specific people longer, which can be great, but you’re also more likely to spend a lot of your time with people you don’t really click with. It’s never wasted time since you’re helping out but it isn’t as efficient!

Dog parks

If you have a dog or have a friend that could use a dog walker, dog parks can be fantastic ways to meet new people. They combine a lot of people standing around and waiting with the entertainment of dogs playing. It’s an environment that naturally lends itself to conversations with strangers and women who love dogs are often a lot of fun!

This is one of the best places to meet girls because everything happens so naturally. People are always talking about their dogs or asking questions about other dogs. This naturally flows into other topics as you stand around for 10-20 minutes while the dogs run around.

As long as you keep the conversation fun and light it can be very easy to meet a few new women every time you walk your dog. Try a few different dog parks in your area to find the best options. Everyone is going to be different and some will definitely have more single women than others.

Single women talking in a group

Best places to meet women with friends

Now that we’ve covered some of the best solo spots let’s get into other great options that work best with a few friends. These are where you can meet women that tend to work better with at least one wingman.  They can certainly work well solo but you need to be better with women than at our preferred spots above.

#6) Parties

Parties, especially those thrown by friends of yours, are really great ways to meet new girls. Being the “friend-of-a-friend” is instant credibility and trust that you just don’t get when meeting random people out in the world.

It’s very tempting to hang out with the people you know at a party but this is a big mistake! You want to spend at least a little time mingling and meeting the girls you don’t know. The old conversation starter of “how do you know the host” is the easiest way to break the ice, even if it isn’t the most creative.

One of the best things about parties is that they’re a lot more relaxed than bars and clubs so it’s easy to move from group to group. You’re not locking down “your” part of the bar but everyone is encouraged to talk to everyone. It can be a little daunting at first if you’re not great at starting conversations but it’s a skill that most guys pick up quickly with practice.

#7) Meetup groups

When you get a bunch of people together interested in a similar topic or activity meeting women becomes a lot easier. There are thousands of different Meetup groups and almost every city has at least a few. In the larger cities, you will likely have hundreds to choose from for all types of interests and activities.

Spend a little time looking through what’s available in your area and try to find some that aren’t completely full of guys. You can see who the members of each group are as well as who signs up for what events. Look for fun Meetups with a good mix of men and women and try a few out. It’s always better to try Meetups that actually interest you or else it won’t be nearly as much fun. People appreciate interest and enthusiasm after all!

Once you get to the meeting spend time circulating and getting to know several people. It’s tempting to find one person and just hang around with them but that isn’t the best use of your time here. Try to meet a few different girls and get used to how things work.

#8) Sports leagues

There are a lot of different sports leagues that are very popular with women. We shouldn’t need to say it, but you want to pick a COED league or else you’re really going to be disappointed!

Recreational team sports tend to be the best options here with kickball, volleyball, and softball, being some of the best choices. You want to find something where it’s possible to drink and play at the same time. Anything that’s more vigorous than that can still be good but tends to be more about the competition than the socialization. If you’re particularly good at any sport those can still really work though.

Joining a league with a few friends can be a lot of fun and allows you to become good friends with the rest of your team as well as meet people from other teams. There is a lot of intermingling, friendly banter, and light competition that can make for a fun start to a relationship.

#9) Pub crawls

If you’ve never been on a pub crawl you’re missing out. For those who aren’t familiar, a pub crawl is an event where a big group of people visit several different bars and clubs over the course of a night. These can range from a few dozen people to thousands, depending on the event.

What makes pub crawls such great options to meet women is that it’s a group activity where things are always changing. You’re constantly standing near different people in different places which makes it very easy to start conversations.  They’re also VERY popular with single women because they’re just plain fun!

Check out when the next pub crawl in your city is happening and sign up. They’re very popular around drinking holidays like St Patrick’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Christmas. Another big benefit is that your pub crawl ticket allows you to avoid many cover charges and often provides a free drink or two.

#10) Group events

If you have an active group of friends there is a good chance there is always some group event being planned. These are things like road trips, BBQ’s, and volleyball games that get the friend group together on a regular basis. It might not seem like these are prime opportunities to meet girls but they are.

Think back. When was the last time a big group event happened that didn’t have at least a few new people tagging along. If the event is going to be fun there are almost always “friends-of-friends” that want to get in on the fun and they’re usually single.

So many long-term relationships start by meeting the friend-of-a-friend that it’s ridiculous. When someone is preapproved as “cool” (or you are) it’s so much easier to break down the barriers between strangers and actually get to know one another. The more social you are the more opportunities will present themselves.

Approachable girls at a yoga class

Great options to pick up girls without trying

If you really want to be successful with women you need to make meeting them a normal part of your routine. That means regularly spending time in places they frequent without the primary goal of meeting them. There are a few options that are great for that.

#11) Yoga classes

Every guy needs to be doing yoga. Not only is it a great workout and fantastic for your long-term flexibility and health but it attracts a LOT of hot girls. If you know of a better place to meet fit singles girls I want to know about it.

Many guys look down on yoga as being too feminine but that’s far from the truth. Getting good at yoga requires a mix of strength, flexibility, and stamina that is really impressive. The only guys who talk down about it are the ones who haven’t tried it.

It’s also a very easy place to meet single women both before and after class. It’s a pretty social environment and it isn’t too tough to start a conversation. As long as you’re not a creep and just stare at girl’s butts the whole time (which can take some willpower) you will be welcome.

#12) Coffeeshop

Finding a laid-back coffee shop that encourages people to hang out in can make a big difference in your life. Not only will you have a “go-to” place to just relax and chill but it’s likely going to be full of single girls.

A good coffee shop that you can become a regular at will open up a lot of possibilities. Not only will you get to know the regulars but there will be a regular string of women who come through the doors. When you can just sit back and let them come to you it’s pretty fun.

Bring a book or something you’re working on and spend an hour or two hanging. Don’t approach everyone who comes in, take your time and strike up a conversation when it feels natural. There isn’t any rush here.

#13) Festivals

If there is one thing that single girls love it’s festivals. If you look at 99% of any hot girl’s Instagram page you’ll see dozens of photos of her at Coachella or whatever local festival is popular.

Many of these festivals are pretty pricey but there are also a lot of local ones that won’t break the bank. If you’re into music, comedy, or any number of cultural things there is likely a few festivals nearby throughout the year that are worth checking out.

Wander around and see the various acts and displays. You’re going to bump into a LOT of girls who are doing the same thing. Spend a little time with some of them and see how it goes!

How to Make the Approach

Now that you know where to meet single women, it’s time to focus on how you can approach them successfully. So, whether you’re at a yoga class and want to get to know the hot blonde across the room or you see a beautiful brunette at the dog park, you’ll know exactly what to do and say to make yourself as attractive as possible to her.

1. Be confident

Before you even think about making a move, make sure you’re displaying confidence. Women are always attracted to alpha men. Why? Because they’re self-assured and comfortable in their own skin. They know what they want and go for it — in a respectful way.

We get it, approaching a beautiful woman is hard and confidence in that moment can be difficult to come by. That’s when you have to fake it until you make it.

Even if you’re not feeling confident, you can give the appearance of it simply by maintaining eye contact, standing tall with your shoulders back and smiling easily. When you’re standing near her, don’t cross your arms or put your hands in your pockets. Instead, stand with your arms comfortably at your sides.

Be direct, in a friendly, respectful way, and never apologize for approaching her.
Even if you discover she’s not interested, remember, a truly confident man takes rejection well without getting angry or flustered.

2. Respect boundaries

No woman wants to feel crowded or trapped in a situation with a man she doesn’t know. When you’re approaching a woman, there are a few key things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t make her feel uncomfortable or, even worse, threatened.

Notice her body language — If you see a lovely lady but she doesn’t appear to be in a good mood or she’s giving off, don’t-talk-to-me vibes, it’s best to leave her be. If she has her arms crossed and appears annoyed or is huddled over her phone or laptop typing furiously, your approach is not going to be well received. Be sure only to approach women who appear open to it.

Don’t approach from behind — If you startle a woman, she’s not going to feel safe with you and you’ll come off as a creep. Always approach so that she can actually see you coming and be ready for the interaction.

Maintain your distance — When you’re just meeting a woman, it’s essential that you respect her personal space. Keeping about three feet in between you means you’re close enough to shake hands but not close enough to creep her out. On the flip side, if you stand too far away, you’ll appear nervous of her — and that’s not the image you want to convey, either.


Have you ever heard of KISS? You know, that old saying, “keep it simple, stupid?” While that adage has traditionally been used by the U.S. military for designing aircraft, it’s a sentiment that can successfully be applied to meeting women.

You might be tempted to use a pickup line or a flowery compliment to get a woman’s attention, but simple and direct is always best. Take your cue from your surroundings. Where you are will determine the best introduction.

If you want to talk to the hot blonde after a beginner’s yoga class, simply walk over and ask her what she thought of the class. If you want to chat up the beautiful brunette at the dog park, lead with a comment about her dog. Every pet owner loves hearing how adorable her dog is.

Once the initial approach is made, introduce yourself. Simply say “By the way, my name is (insert name)” and hold your hand out to shake hers. Take her hand firmly but gently and simply hold her hand in yours for a few seconds before releasing it.

4. Hold her interest

Women enjoy being engaged in conversation with a man they find interesting and amusing. And that’s exactly what you need to be if you want to hold her interest. Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

You don’t have to be a comedian or be the most charming man in the world. You simply need to be a man who’s interested in her as a person. Ask some questions about her passions and what she likes to do in her spare time.

It’s also a good idea to have a few amusing questions or comments up your sleeve. Have a funny anecdote that you can tell about something that’s happened to you. If you’re not confident in your storytelling abilities remember to hook your listener in right away, keep it concise and end with a bang.

If recounting amusing stories isn’t for you, you can always engage a woman’s interest with some funny “would you rather” questions. Asking what a woman thinks about a topic can also be good as long as you keep it light and amusing.

4. Get a little flirty

Once you’ve been chatting for a while, and she’s definitely engaged in your conversation, it’s time to start flirting with her. Try complimenting her in a way that will set you apart from all of the other guys who’ve hit on her in the past. And that means avoiding the standard “you have pretty eyes” or “I love your smile.”

Instead, find something that’s truly unique about her so she knows you’re not just handing her a well-used line. What do you notice about her? Is she really poised, intelligent or funny? Tell her. Does she have an infectious laugh? Tell her how adorable it is. When you find something that is uniquely hers and compliment her on it, that will please her far more than telling her she’s beautiful.

Now is also the time to touch her. Try touching her arm lightly. This can work if you’re pointing something out to her, emphasizing a point, or when you’re laughing together. For instance, if she says something that makes you chuckle, lightly touch her arm and say “you’re hilarious.”

If you’re walking somewhere, you can lightly cup her elbow or place your hand on her back to guide her through a crowd. If you touch her back, remember, hand placement is key. Placing your hand between where the band of her bra is and her waistband is flirty but still respectful.

5. Closing the deal

If you’re flirting with her and she’s responding, now is the time to get her number or social media handle. Don’t wait for a lull in the conversation or for the end of the interaction, strike while things are at a high point. If you’re both laughing and having fun chatting, she’ll definitely want some way to stay in touch.

Broach it naturally. If for instance, you’ve discovered you both love hiking, you can say something like: “You know, I’m in some hiking groups on Facebook. I’ll add you to the group and we can set up a hike.” Saying something like this makes you appear far more confident than asking, “So, can I have your number?” or “Can I add/follow you on Facebook/Instagram?”

Make sure you have your phone ready so she can give you her details. Once you have it, you can keep chatting about mutual interests and possible outings you can enjoy together.