The Best Spots To Meet Single Milwaukee Girls (Expert Picks)

Milwaukee girls meeting up for drinks at a bar

Looking to meet girls in Milwaukee? You might be in luck! Over 60% of women in Milwaukee are single, and the city has a number of clubs, pubs and venues to meet single girls. From Washington Park to Riverwest and everything in between, there’s plenty of opportunities to get lucky. In fact, the local party/entertainment scene is so broad that folks from all over Wisconsin often drop by! In a sea of options, we are here to help you choose.

Whether you wish to meet girls from the University of Wisconsin or are interested in a different age range, with our help you’ll be able to find your perfect Milwaukee girl in no time!

Below, we have put together a fool-proof list covering the finest nightlife spots to pick up women, as well as great cafés and bars to take a girl out on a first date. We even have some unexpected daytime spots where you can strike up a conversation and see where it leads. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be!

Our Favorite Places to Meet Hot Girls in Milwaukee

Let’s kick off our list with some of the absolute best places in the city to meet girls. Check them out and have a great time!

Lucid Light Lounge at 729 N Milwaukee St is Milwaukee’s premier club

Hot women at Lucid Light Lounge

Besides a vibrant atmosphere and lots of dressed up people, the venue offers the possibility to reserve VIP tables for bachelorette parties, meaning your chances to meet girls are quite high! 

This lounge bar’s frequent DJ sets and the wide dancefloor offer plenty of opportunities for patrons to mingle. It’s the ideal spot if you love dancing, but don’t despair if you don’t. Bottle service is available and you might just want to reserve a spot where you can both enjoy the music and chat up the neighboring tables. Who knows, the perfect girl you’re looking for might be sitting next to you! 

Much like any other club, Fridays and Saturdays tend to be packed and the music goes on through the wee hours. Averagely priced and with a vibe that appeals to women, this club attracts lots of pretty Milwaukee girls and will not hurt your wallet. 

The Beer Garden at 1133 N Old World 3rd St is another amazing option to start with

The fun crowd at The Beer Garden

A classic local destination, this bar is well known for its laidback atmosphere and the many singles who come here. The outside area is complete with picnic tables and a large TV screen to get the conversation started. 

Unsurprisingly, this spot is fairly well-known and popular among locals. Outgoing Milwaukeeans come here to unwind and socialize after a day’s work. 

This is also the best weekend destination for beer lovers willing to meet like-minded women. There is no harm in asking a cute girl what brew she’d recommend. What better excuse to break the ice? 

The friendly, low-pressure atmosphere of beer gardens makes it particularly easy for strangers to get to know each other. You never know…  you might end up wooing a hot girl over a game of ping pong!

Weekends and sports nights tend to get busier and attract folks from all walks of life. There’ll be lots of single women, so whether you are looking for your girl or just something casual you’re in the right place.

Milwaukee pickup bars & nightclubs

Hot girls at JoCats Pub

Milwaukee offers some great spots to go out, have fun with your friends and meet single girls. Neighborhoods like the Historic Third Ward or Story Hill, in particular, offer so many options. We had luck with quite a few of them!

Our favorite clubs and pick up bars for hot Milwaukee girls: 

  Where we haven’t had much luck with girls:

As you can see from the list above, Milwaukee is blessed with a great number of spots to meet girls. From old fashioned breweries to live music venues and nightclubs, there is no shortage of opportunities to have a go. 

You might want to explore a handful of our top picks with your friends and try your luck. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect: the more you put yourself out there the higher the possibility to find a good match.

Best places to pick up Milwaukee girls during the daytime

Not a fan of clubs and bars! You don’t have to be a party animal to meet single girls! Even if you are an early-to-rise kind of guy, there are still loads of options for you to explore in this cool friendly city without messing up your routine.

Daytime spots like coffee houses or even grocery stores often provide a chill environment where people are surprisingly receptive to chatting with strangers. Just ask a simple question or offer your help picking up an item from a top shelf. Then see where it leads. Below are some spots we have found particularly lucky:

Coffee shops single girls love

Those that haven’t been great

Coffee shops are awesome places to meet women. Especially over the weekend, lots of people like to enjoy their hot drink as they read, socialize with their friends or simply relax. A little small talk while standing in line for a drink should come pretty naturally.

With more and more coffee houses popping up every few months, Milwaukee is slowly but surely becoming one of the best coffee towns in the country, and it’s very common for single women or groups of women to hang out at cafés for several hours.

Grocery stores that make meeting single women easy

You might be a bit surprised but grocery stores are actually great for meeting girls! Girls gotta eat, and it’s unexpectedly easy to find an excuse to talk to women there. Just try and see for yourself!

The spots above are our top picks because of their cozy and low-key environment. You might want to go between 4-7 p.m. as those are the peak hours during the week. It’s when you’ll find lots of women doing their grocery shopping on their way home from work.

Other great options to pick up girls in Milwaukee

  • Milwaukee Public Market at 400 N Water St
  • McKinley Park at 1750 N Lincoln Memorial Dr
  • Walk around the University of Wisconsin Area

The above spots are larger, open-air options to meet women during the daytime. Whether it is to relax with friends, sit on the grass or have a picnic, you’ll likely find lots of single girls hanging out in these areas. 

Where to find a hookup in Milwaukee

If you’re not looking for a relationship and you are just down for something casual, we have just the right picks for you. 

If you dive bars are your scene, you will also want to check out Sabbatic

The bar area at Sabbatic Bar

A bit of an institution in Milwaukee’s dive bar scene, Sabbatic might have a different clientele than your usual spot. The loud music, shabby unglamorous decor and the overall retro vibe are likely to attract rock’n’rollers looking for cheap beer and good fun. There’ll also be lots of dancing, so that might be your chance to subtly approach women and bring out your inner rocker. Points if you know your music but if you don’t, turn that to your advantage by asking a cute girl what song is playing. 

Unless you genuinely enjoy a bit of an apologetically rough scene, we wouldn’t recommend going there every weekend. Nonetheless, we still think Sabbatic is worth the trip if you’d like to have a different night and boost your odds of meeting unconventional women who are also looking for uncomplicated fun.

Victor’s is the easiest spot for no-strings-attached fun

Victor’s is famous in Milwaukee for its unfussed atmosphere, cheap pub food and a clientele willing to hook up. It is far from glamorous and probably not the best option to hang out with your friends, but chances are you’ll find what you are looking for. 

We wouldn’t go there every weekend, but if you are looking to shake things up and try something different, this club may work for you.

The Milwaukee Girls Dating Plan

Meeting girls in Milwaukee is so much easier when you know exactly where to go. We’ve got the recommendations above, and below are their exact locations. Now get out there and meet some girls!