Where To Go To Meet Single Fresno Girls And Other Single Women

Cute Fresno girls at a beer garden

Trying to meet single girls in Fresno? Let us guide you! Despite its small-town vibe, Fresno features a surprising number of places to explore when looking to meet women. Whether you are in Woodwork Park or Downtown, with our help you’ll be able to find at least a few solid spots. There are many single girls in town just looking for guys like you!

No matter your style or age-range, we got your back! We have done some of the heavy lifting to help you find your Fresno girl hassle-free.

Below, you’ll find our list of the best nightlife spots to meet women, as well as our favorite choice of cafés and bars for a first date. We have also gathered a selection of daytime places where you can meet girls without having to try too hard.

Our Favorite Places to Meet Hot Fresno Girls

In a rush to find some hot girls to flirt with? Here are your first stops:

Switch Lounge at 5665 N Blackstone Ave is one of Fresno’s most crowded spots

The dance floor of Switch Club

The place is packed with single girls who are after unpretentious drinks and some good DJ sets. Also a pretty popular destination for girls’ nights out, Switch is probably the first club you wanna hit to increase your chances with the ladies. The place gets quite loud and is not ideal for conversations, meaning you’ll find it much easier to approach a woman on the dancefloor or by the bar. 

This is a club, so naturally, Friday and Saturday are your nights. A great advantage of Switch Lounge is the broad demographic: it is one of those popular venues that attract people from all walks of life. We are confident your dream girl will be somewhere in the crowd!

Spokeasy Public House at 1472 N Van Ness is another great option if you don’t mind a packed bar

New brews at Spokeasy

This is a top pick for most locals. Single girls tend to come here in larger groups to have a blast, catch up with their friends, and possibly meet someone new. Fresno girls love their wine, and with its broad selection, Spokeasy is just the place for that! 

Wine talk is quite common in Fresno County and is not rare for people to bond or flirt over a few glasses of red. The great happy hour deals attract the 6 p.m. crowd all week long. 

On the weekend, of course, the place stays open late and single girls might be even more receptive and open to meeting guys. The chill and boozy atmosphere of the place will create plenty of opportunities for you to buy a charming stranger a drink. Whether you are hoping to date or just make a connection for the night, chances are you’ll find a girl who’s after what you are after.

Fresno Pick Up Bars & Nightclubs

The lively crowd at Strummers

Fresno’s nightlife might be slightly more hidden than other major cities’, but don’t let it discourage you! There are more options than you might realize, and we tried our luck with a few of them with a surprising success rate! The city offers some great spots to go out, have fun with your friends and meet single girls. Just grab your boys and plan a fun night out on the town or around the Mural District. Single girls will pick up on your great energy!

Our favorite clubs and pick up bars for hot single girls: 

  Where we haven’t had much luck with girls:

As you can see, when it comes to its nightlife, Fresno offers some pretty solid options. Whether you are looking to meet single girls or taking someone you like out on a first date, you shouldn’t have problems finding a bar or club that works for you.

Make sure to hit some of our suggestions for your next night out and work some magic! If you keep putting yourself out there your efforts will be compensated and you will likely find a girl you click with. 

Best places to pick up girls in Fresno during the daytime

Let’s face it: while some people take pleasure in partying through to the crack of dawn, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The good news is, there are plenty of other ways to meet single women in Fresno! There are a plethora of daytime spots you can hit that match your pace and won’t require you to radically change your style.

We are talking of course about coffee houses. Especially on weekends, coffee places are likely to attract lots of single women looking to unwind with a book or catch up with their friends over a slice of cake or a latte. In this section, we’ll also explore a bunch of other resources to try out if you’d like to meet interesting Fresno girls. You might be surprised, but grocery stores can also work wonders. Look around and you could spot a beauty in the produce aisle or standing behind you in the check-out line. 

 Below are some spots we have found particularly lucky:

Coffee shops single girls love

Those that haven’t been great

Coffee shops might not be typically considered pick-up spots, but you can use that to your advantage. Single girls might find it pleasantly surprising to be approached by a charming stranger. Of course, don’t push it if it looks like she’s not feeling it, but there is no harm in smiling at her or attempting a joke and see if it leads to something more.  Our favorite coffee places above seem to attract a lot of single girls.

Midday and afternoons are usually the best times to go. It should be easy enough for you to pick up on someone’s friendly vibe and approach them.

Grocery stores that make meeting single women easy

We’ll say that again: grocery stores are surprisingly successful spots to meet women! Everyone needs food, and the interactive nature of the place creates lots of opportunities for organic conversations to happen. Items fall off the shelves all the time, people accidentally bump into each other or get bored while standing next to each other in line… it’s just a matter of using those cues wisely! Try for yourself and thank us later!

Our top picks are a good blend of crowded enough yet not alienating grocery stores that are most likely to attract women based on the convenience of their location. During the week, peak hour is between 4-7 p.m. as most people will stop by the store to grab a few things for dinner.

Other great options to pick up girls

Of course, we had to mention a few open-air spots! Fresno girls love their outdoor activities and are likely to take advantage of the nice bike-friendly parks and gardens.

If you prefer the daytime and all it has to offer, this might be the best option for you as chances are you’ll meet someone like-minded. 

Where to find a hook-up in Fresno

Maybe you are not looking to settle down quite yet and are down for a good time, not a long time. Below, we have gathered a couple of options for no-strings-attached fun.

Los Arcos is a pretty popular club to find a hookup

Cocktails from Los Arcos

Los Arcos Night Club is the biggest Latin America-inspired club in Fresno featuring live bands, a busy dance floor, and pretty strong margaritas. It is a very particular scene, but definitely a good spot to find extroverted party girls with a love of music. Added bonus, it takes two to salsa! Women who come here like to dance and will be on the lookout for a dance partner for their favorite song. Don’t be shy! If you’re not the best dancer, they won’t mind showing you the ropes! 

Again, this is a pretty solid spot to meet women who are also hoping to get lucky, but it’s far from being an upscale club. You might not want to come here every weekend, but it is still good to have the option if what you are looking for is something uncomplicated.

If you’d like a nicer club to find a hookup, Fulton 55 is a good choice

The mural at Fulton 55

Fulton 55 is one of Fresno’s most popular weekend destinations. Famous for both its DJ sets and live music, the venue features two levels: one for dancing and one for service at the table. Whichever you choose will offer pretty solid options to approach single ladies. It’s a lively spot bound to attract people willing to have some fun and loosen up and there’ll be plenty of women hoping to be talked to. 

With the cool atmosphere of the place and the good music offer, Fulton will have you coming back for more!